Octopuses have a half-billion-neuron memory. When agitated, these animals' short-term memory improves. Their eight legs have memories, boosting their reaction time.


Chimpanzees, the lowest apes, have better memories than humans. These critters track food and shelter using episodic memory. Long-term memory helps them recall predators and humans.


Dogs can recognise long-lost owners, even those who mistreated them. Their memories help them remember tricks and processes. Police dogs are a no-brainer. Dogs are trained to track criminals and find drugs.

Sea lions

Sea lions can perform tricks. Long-term memory is strong. Scientists think sea lions can remember a 10-year-old talent. 25 years is incredible. Long-term memory lets them recall once-a-year prey.


Squirrels store nuts for winter. Their memories help them find nuts. When hungry, they use memory rather than smell to find hidden nuts, even other squirrels'. If hungry, they'll hide.


Parrots have long lives and excellent memories. Their memory also helps individuals repeat words and sentences. They'll learn when to utilise the words. That requires a good memory.


Crows and ravens are sharp and have great memories. Many experts consider crows, ravens, and magpies the smartest birds on earth. These birds solve issues and use tools.


These kind, active dolphins remember others. Dolphins whistling. Dolphins recognise each other after 20 years. Remembering friends and opponents helps dolphins thrive in the wild.


Elephants remember and paint. They use a mental map to locate 30 relatives. Their memory lets them graze in small groups. Their sense of smell helps them keep a mental map.

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