Animals That Can Use Echolocation


Bats have poor eyesight but have good hearing. Each bat species' needs vary. Some consume fruit, insects, and blood.


Dolphins use echolocation. They utilise it to discover food and navigate murky or dark water. Instead of vocal cords, dolphins use a fatty tissue called a melon.

Sperm Whales

These animals can dive 10,000 feet and hold their breath for 60 minutes. While this is impressive, they've also developed echolocation to find prey in the dark.


These sight challenged rodents use echolocation to find food and travel. The African Pygmy Dormouse is a popular exotic pet in the US and Europe.


Echolocating birds. Swiftlets and oilbirds find their nests and communicate through echolocation. Both are insectivores without echolocation.


The aye aye is the only ape with echolocation. Mammals with bat-like ears tap on trees to discover insects to eat. They dig into wood to retrieve their prey.


Madagascar's quilled creatures are sometimes confused with hedgehogs. Tenrecs' echolocation makes them unique. Tenrecs echolocate, unlike most mammals.

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