Yellow-rumped Warblers have greenish-yellow backs. Female breasts lack chestnut streaks. In North America, they're common during mating season and winter.

Yellow Warbler

Goldfinches migrating. They breed south of Canada-U.S. from North Carolina to Alberta. border. Mexico's border birds are seasonal. Summergold, winterolive.

American Goldfinch

Yellow Pacific banana slugs resemble bananas, hence their name. They're the second-largest land slug, at 9.8 inches and 4.1 ounces. Self-defense slug slime is numbing.

Pacific banana slugs 

Indo-Pacific seahorses are common. Yellow, brown, orange, black. This fish has a small mouth and no teeth, so it uses its long snout to eat brine shrimp whole.

Yellow Seahorse

Golden poison dart frogs are highly poisonous. It's too dangerous to touch. 1 mg of their venom can kill 20. Colombian rainforests are their sole home.

Golden Poison Frog

Goldenrod crab spiders are yellow, white, or patterns of these colours. They moult to match their surroundings. Crab spiders walk forward, backward, and sideways like crabs.

Goldenrod crab spider

Burmese Pythons are among the world's largest snakes. These constrictor snakes don't have teeth but wrap their bodies around prey to crush their bones and suffocate them.

Burmese Pythons

Orange-barred sulphur is a large yellow butterfly with a 2.75-inch wingspan. They're named for the orange band on their lower wings. Their wings are spotted brown.

Orange-barred sulphur

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