Animals Having Extremely Long Arms


Orangutan arms are long. They have crimson fur. Long, powerful arms assist males move on the ground and in trees. Orangutans are Bornean, Sumatran, and Tapanuli. All are perilous.


Lemurs have long limbs and distinctive patterns; some are active 24/7. Side-jumping Sifaka lemurs are famous. Coarse hair and bushy tails. These primates can move on all fours or swing through trees due to their long arms.


Sloths are tree-dwelling, climbing mammals. Long, flexible arms let them swing between trees. Sloths are one of the slowest mammals, despite their long limbs. South and Central America have sloths.


Thousands of jellyfish species inhabit the waters. These aquatic dwellers have tentacles that help them float. Jellyfish can sting both humans and animals. Each species has a particular role in its water environment.

 Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkeys live in Southeast Asian rainforests. Males' large, projecting noses give it its name. Proboscis Monkeys live in groups of 40. These daytime monkeys eat foliage, fruit, and flowers.


Gorillas have long limbs and legs. Adults are four to six feet tall and walk on all fours. Two species live there. Gorillas live in families lead by a dominant male. They're gregarious and establish strong families.


Squid inhabit all waters. These cephalopods have ten tentacles. Squid range in size from a few inches to many feet. The southern Pygmy squid is the smallest species.


They're found in numerous waters and have eight legs instead of ten. Ocean dwellers might be 2 inches or 18 feet long. Strong suckers line each octopus arm. Beaks help them hunt and fend off predators.

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