Animals Capable of Flight And Swimming

 Northern Gannet

The northern gannet has a 7-foot wingspan. They can fly 40 mph. They're also one of the best divers. These birds dive 72 feet from towering cliffs. They utilise their eyesight and feet and wings to catch prey underwater.

American Pelicans

Fish-catching pelicans have big beaks and throat pouches. Lakes, coastlines, and rivers attract large gregarious birds. These birds fly 100 miles in V-formations for 24 hours. Webbing and strong legs help them swim.

Pacific Gulls

Pacific Gulls are coastal scavengers. These birds consume mostly fish but also mussels and crabs. They can fly 50 feet above sea level and dive 40 feet when hunting. They row with webbed feet.

Magpie Geese

Magpie Geese may fly over 30 mph. These North American birds live near rivers, wetlands, and coasts. When leading their young, they use their webbed feet to swim above the water.

Atlantic Puffins

Atlantic puffins are stocky but agile flyers and swimmers. These birds fly 30 feet over the sea at 55 mph. Their webbed feet help them dive 200 feet to catch fish. They dive and "fly underwater" often. Only 30 seconds underwater.

Mallard Ducks

American male Mallards have green heads. 55-mph ducks. Flying 800 miles in 8 hours. They "duck dive" with their buts in the air and stiff-tail for leverage to feed near the water surface.

Common Murres

Common murres are nicknamed "flying penguins" for their water mobility. Their strong wings can "fly underwater." The deepest recorded dive is 550 feet.

American Dippers

American Dippers can swim well and dive 20 feet deep. They can seek insects and fish eggs on the riverbed. They sometimes swim to the surface to catch insects. These birds can catch midair insects.

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