An Overview of the Scorpio Personality Traits

The sign of Scorpio is frequently misunderstood. Because of its intensity and capability, the fire element best describes Scorpio.

The water sign of Scorpio possesses psychic and emotional fortitude. Much like Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio possesses clairvoyance and an innate perceptive nature.

This water sign's venomous sting is unique. Scorpios lurk in wait and strike when least anticipated, like their spirit animal.

These calculating water signs are always plotting ahead to achieve checkmate. This doesn't mean they're evil. Scorpios know what they want and aren't afraid to work for it.

Their enigmatic character is attractive and enchanting. Scorpio rules the genital area.

Even if they enjoy it, sensual scorpions enjoy other things as well. They seek out opportunities for close physical contact, enlightenment of the spirit, and emotional closeness.

Scorpio's ruler Pluto destroys and transforms. Scorpions are ambitious and alluring. Scorpio's dark side seeks control on bad days. Egotistical Scorpios risk self-poisoning.

This sign's energy shines in deep, heartfelt relationships. Scorpios demonstrate empathy, depth, and determination when they gain trust, which lightens their dark edges.

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