An Overview of the Fire Zodiac: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Characteristics of Those Born under the Fire Element

Air signs are social and intellectual; earth signs are pragmatic. Fire signs are bold. Fire signs might be hasty, yet their inner light motivates them to act quickly.

They are aggressive, confident, and competitive people who believe that more is always better. Fire signals actively seek out and enjoy the spotlight.


Aries comes first. Impetuous, inquisitive, honest, naive. They're athletic and wired to fight for social justice or to beat their half-marathon time. They bring up controversial topics at parties. Aries like conflict if they win.

The First House of Self is ruled by Aries. Their lord Mars is violent. So they work quickly to win and be first. Cardinal signs are initiators. Aries are lively, impetuous, and victory-hungry, making them fearless and exciting.


Leos are optimistic leaders. They can be tenacious and require a lot of power to change orientation as the most permanent fire sign. They adore visuals. They want leadership and applause, but share inner light.

Leos are full of life, independent-minded, and mesmerizingly enjoyable to be around. They can help you see the bright side of any circumstance and feel ready to take on the world. They're the zodiac's self-image crusaders.


Sagittarians adore self-expression, adventure, and strong ideas. They have an inner compass that directs them to seek truth and speak up for what they believe in.

They're the zodiac's multi-hyphenate artists, talented in comedy, acting, and songwriting. They're sociable, vibrant, and active, but they have dark times. They turn anguish into art.

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