American Eskimo: Breed Traits & Care

American Eskimo

White American Eskimo dogs resemble mini-huskies. Despite its name, the breed is a Midwest farm dog. Three sizes of white, perky-eared dogs.

American Eskimo dogs' high-energy antics keep their owners on their toes. For the appropriate owner, this breed combines intelligence and beauty. 13-15-year lifespan


This observant breed can be sociable and outgoing or wary of strangers. Many American Eskimo dogs make good family pets, but others struggle with the chaos.

Dog Care

Eskies need more mental and physical exercise than shih tzus and bichon frises. Eskies once worked, unlike these dogs. Exercise and train your dog for an hour a week.


Not only walks or fetch will do for these dogs. This breed becomes disruptive and boisterous without exercise.  American Eskimo loves treks, walks, and dog sports.


Small, hairy American Eskimo dogs are hard to groom. Brushing them weekly minimises shedding. Focus on harness, collar, ears, and rump.


A obstinate American Eskimo needs training. Adult Eskies may need training. Don't expect immaculate Eskie training. Make meetings easy or end them early.


Athletic American Eskimo dogs gain weight easily. Puzzle feeders help your dog eat slowly and burn energy. This breed's diabetes risk increases with high-fat meals.

Health Issues

The American Eskimo dog is healthy due to its recent history as a working dog. The breed is prone to hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and diabetes.

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