American animals you won't find anywhere else

US-native pygmy rabbits are small rabbits. It's the only North American rabbit that digs its own burrow. The pygmy rabbit is a monotypic genus Brachylagus, neither Lepus or Sylvilagus.

Pygmy rabbit

Medium-sized, semi-aquatic chicken turtles live in the southeastern US. These 15–20-year-olds sunbathe on logs and rocks.

Chicken turtle

The primitive short-nose gar looks archaic. The short-nose gar feeds on minnows that damage game fish and other fish populations in calm rivers and lakes.

Short-nose gar

The endangered Hawaiian monk seal is native to the Hawaiian Islands. The other is the Mediterranean monk seal.

Hawaiian monk seal

Blue crayfish are freshwater. Blue crayfish are popular in aquariums worldwide. It cleans rivers and lakes by eating dead fish and garbage.

Blue crayfish

The endangered Gunnison grouse is only found in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah. Gunnison grouse has an intricate courtship dance like its close relative.

Gunnison grouse

San Nicolas Island, Santa Barbara Island, and San Clemente Island are home to the island night lizard. Sutil Island near Santa Barbara also has island night lizards.

Island night lizard

The Utah prairie dog is a rodent found solely in Utah's south central steppes. With little over 4,000 individuals, the US Fish and Wildlife Service lists this mammal as threatened.

Utah prairie dog

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