American Animals That Eat Plants

Rabbits eat yard and garden vegetation. In June, they eat rose bushes. Cottontail is North America's most common rabbit. Rabbits are most active during dawn and dusk.


Deer eat rosebushes in the summer. Deer remove flowers and leaves off rose bushes, leaving jagged tears. Deers avoid rosemary and marigolds.


Gophers devour plant roots underground. Gophers are larger than moles and voles and leave mounds. Tunnels and mounds are gopher signs. Gophers eat roseroots.


Early 1900s brought Japanese beetles to America. Invasive species that harm plants. 300 plants are consumed. Green heads, bronze wings, thorny legs.

Japanese Beetle

Aphids eat leaves and stems. These insects consume plant sap, not plant matter. Plant sap is nutrient-rich. Dry, wrinkled rosebushes have aphids.


Mountain goats in the northwest are the only wild goats in North America. Rose bushes are a goat favourite since they provide a healthy snack.


Voles consume rose bush roots. Voles burrow food. Voles may be responsible for a rose bush losing leaves, stems, and blooms. In yards, voles create runways, not ridges.


Raccoons are herbivorous & voracious feeders, therefore they consume almost anything. These garden critters eat rose bush buds. Raccoons return to food-rich homes.


Squirrels nibble rose roots and damage stems. Look for holes and chewed stems if a squirrel is nibbling your roses. Daffodils planted around rose plants deter squirrels.


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