These restaurants serve regional favourites.

American classics

Despite being a home of immigrants, America has its own culinary culture. America is full of wonderful food & eateries specialising in regional favourites, from burgers to beignets.


Hamburgers are the most American food. Amazing what cooks can do with a beef patty & a bread. Burgers are widespread in diners & quick food places, but they're also popular in fine dining, where chefs experiment with ground meat blends, quality breads & other toppings.

Connecticut's Louis' Lunch

Louis' Lunch promotes itself as the birthplace of the hamburger, which the Library of Congress backs up. The eatery still serves its hamburger sandwich without a bun, as it did in 1895.

Cheese cake

Key lime pie is intimately tied to the Florida Keys, even though the citrus fruit hasn't been cultivated there in almost a century.

Key West's Kermit's Key Lime Shoppe

Miami has good key lime pie, but Kermit's in the Florida Keys is the best. Kermit Carpenter, known as "Mr Key Lime Pie," wears a green chef's suit to match his pies.

Nashville-style chicken

Nashville spicy chicken is now a North American staple. Chicken covered in spices & hot sauce, fried, then served with white bread & pickle slices to offset the heat.

Nashville's Prince's Hot Chicken Shack

According to legend, Nashville hot chicken was made in the 1940s by a jealous lover searching for revenge. Prince adored it & opened a restaurant offering it.

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