Chinatown's best eatery

Chinatown stalwarts like roast duck & chop suey & dim sum establishments are popular in the US. Picking the greatest spot to eat can be difficult.

People love the spicy peanut wontons at Great Wall Chinese Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. The restaurant also serves Shanghai-style cuisine.

Birmingham's Great Wall Chinese

Charlie's Bakery in Anchorage serves more than conventional fare, as the name suggests. This American bakery sells dim lunch.

Anchorage's Charlie's Bakery & Chinese

Little Szechuan in Tempe is run by Ted & Swanie, who moved to America 40 years ago. Potstickers fried & steamed dumplings, often served kung pao chicken are favourites.

Tempe's Little Szechuan

This Chinese-influenced café in Little Rock serves dumplings, noodle salad, & noodle soup. Three Fold's menu is modest & limited, but everything is praised.

Little Rock, Three Fold

This cosy restaurant has been compared to eating in a Chinese chef's kitchen. Flower Pepper is known for hot dan dan noodles, pig belly stew over rice, & soup dumplings.

Boulder's Flower Pepper

Peter Chang's Stamford restaurant is often recognised as the greatest in Connecticut & the best Chinese food everywhere. Seafood stewed in a hot stone pot is an upscale cuisine.

Stamford's Peter Chang

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