Russia's rebranded McDonald's restaurants are scribbling on ketchup packets.

Hurried rebranding has left the chain using the same sauce packets. The rebranded sites show sauce packets with the McDonald's logo scribbled out.

Staff at the rebranded fast-food chain scribbled the McDonald's logo off sauce packets with black pen, Reuters reported.

Vkusno & tochka opened 15 stores in and around Moscow on Sunday, including the former McDonald's flagship restaurant in Pushkin Square.

Alexander Govor bought McDonald's Russian restaurants after the burger giant said continued ownership was "no longer tenable" after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Govor's hurried rebranding shows how he's trying to satisfy customers as a McDonald's alternative without violating the company's trademarks.

Govor told Reuters, "We can't use some colours, the golden arches, or McDonald's."

Vkusno & tochka's new logo is a burger and two fries in the shape of a large "M"

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