The Healthiest Vegetables of All Time

Calcium, iron, vitamins, and antioxidants are in spinach. Spinach's iron and calcium are vegetarian-friendly. Spinach is 7 calories uncooked.


Kale is a popular, healthy leafy green. Raw leaves include 7 calories and vitamins A, C, and K.


Broccoli belongs to the cabbage, kale, and cauliflower family. Cruciferous veggies. Versatile broccoli. Roast, steam, fry, combine, or eat warm in salads.


Green peas provide vegetarians and vegans with plant-based protein. Peas and other legumes include fibre, which helps gut health and bowel regularity.


They are the foundation. 103 calories and 0.17 g of fat are contained in a medium cooked sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes

These veggies may help diabetics. Beets include alpha-lipoic acid, which may alleviate diabetic neuropathy.


Diced carrots include 52 calories and four times the daily vitamin A intake for adults. Vitamin A may prevent blindness.


Garlic cloves have 4 calories and few vitamins and minerals. Heating garlic lowers its health benefits, so eat it raw in bruschetta or dips.


Bell peppers are easy to add to pasta, eggs, or a salad. Sliced with guacamole or hummus is another option.

 Bell peppers

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