Aries will spread those magical words without second guess, it can come as a shock and at the most unexpected moment.


They make delightful romantic companions and seriously trusting partners, but they're not so good with words. Especially when they want to make sure he's the same.


Gemini analyzes the situations of both sides until they take their final step, and love is forgiven, if she hasn't said 3 words in the first 6 months of a relationship, stick to it.


They want you all for themselves, while it's easy to feel the vibrations of love in the early days of bonding, make sure you know they're emotions and not just hormones.


Just like a Cancer partner, Leo also knows what he needs and is a successful person, he will spread the words very fast.


The first 3-6 months are highly romantic and highly traditional, they wait for the best moment to say how they feel for you.


It may take a week or so forever, libras are unpredictable spirits, and while they lure you with their charismatic ways and elegance, balance in their love life isn't their No. 1 asset.


I have seen Scorpios talking about love even in the early days of a love affair. It's really confidence, compatibility and how good you are at reading her mind.


These courageous people do not shy away from declaring intense love, in fact, the sooner it is good for them, because they are looking for intimate souls.


They need to be comfortable and secure their position in the woman's heart before making a big announcement 6-8 months, they are good listeners, good friends and best companions of a lifetime.


Aquarius men have a deep desire to be loved and find love, and they will express how they feel not later but sooner.


These mysterious creatures may hold you close to your heart, but their shy nature and elusive spirit will often make you wonder if they really love you.


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