Cancer's emotions are powerful. They're caring and receptive. They're also selfless. Lacking autonomy and personal strength, crabs appear weak, vulnerable, and insecure.


Their unreasonable expectations would make even the most powerful star signs cringe. This sign will always feel like they're failing due to a never-ending to-do list.

Insecure Virgos may disguise it. Though serene, this determined sign is combating mental attacks. Despite their self-criticism, coworkers feel they did well.


They want peace, harmony, love, and justice yet fear losing them. They'll lose fans if they're too contradictory. Self-doubt comes from constant moral conflict.

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Pisces uses their creativity for self-preservation. Due of their need to spend more time alone at home, they'll exaggerate a minor, generally innocent comment.


Change frightens Taurus. When their grounded, earth-sign energy encounters anything unusual, their anxieties can make them question whether they made the correct choice.

When it comes to romantic relationships, Taureans are the most insecure of all the zodiac signs. Their normally steady demeanour and practical outlook become anything but.


The twins' dual nature makes Gemini the most uncertain zodiac sign. They're also insecure. Geminis might be confident or insecure depending on their attitude.

Their mood might swiftly shift into a state of self-doubt and uneasiness when they don't "feel" a scenario or are otherwise out of their comfort zone.

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