Green-cheeked conures are smaller than sun conures. Smart but in need of attention. They love interaction in and out of cages. Aggressive and biting.


Budgerigars make up 25% of pet parakeets. Cute birds with individual personalities. Small, quiet, and friendly, pet owners love them. Friendly parakeets lineolate.


Cockatiels are affectionate, curious, and second only to parakeets as pets. Their cheerful, easygoing demeanour win over their parents.


African greys are the most chatty. This medium-sized parrot is intelligent and friendly. African greys need brainwork. African greys generate chaos when unoccupied.

African Greys

40-year-old parrots. They're smart, social, and crave engagement. These birds are excellent for experienced owners because to their personalities, wants, and care needs.

Amazon Parrots

Parrotlets, often called pocket parrots, make ideal pets for first-time parents. Parrotlets may be trained to walk on your finger and wave. Lovable and easily maintained


Parrots are bigger than piions. Enjoyable! Swinging makes them happy. Quieter, sweeter, and easiergoing than Amazons, they're great for novices. Easy-care, delicate.

Pionus Parrots

Social finches shouldn't be kept alone. Always keep two or more together. Finches can't be domesticated like parrots, but they're still entertaining. They're colourful


Once accustomed to humans, doves are docile and calm. Some dove species aren't good pets since they need big, precise surroundings, but others are.

Ring-Necked Doves

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