African Bush Elephant

13-foot-tall African Bush Elephants weigh 10 tonnes. Other African elephants. They enjoy wide forests and savannahs in sub-Saharan Africa.

Asian elephant

In comparison to their African relatives, these elephants are smaller. The smaller ears and darker skin of these animals make them more docile.

White Rhinoceros

The biggest rhino weights 5,000 pounds. The southern white rhino has 20,000 wild individuals, while the northern has only two. Chinese medicine uses rhino horns.


Hippos eat on land at night. Swimming cools and avoids sunburn. They eat grass overnight. A hippo overnight eats 150 pounds of grass.


Size is similar throughout giraffe species and subspecies. 18.7-foot-tall men weigh 2,628 pounds. Their length allows them to reach trees other herbivores can't.


The largest wild bovine is the Indian bison. South Asian guars. Bulls weigh over 3,300 pounds, while females are half that. In their natural habitat, even tigers rarely hunt them.

American Bison

The biggest bison documented weighed 2,800 pounds, however bulls over 3,000 pounds were common. Bison formerly roamed North America, from open plains to deep woods.

Komodo Dragen

The biggest lizard is 10 feet long and 150 pounds. It resides on two small islands in Indonesia, where it is the top predator, killing water buffalo.


The world's largest bird can be 9 feet tall and 320 pounds, but most adults are smaller. Their muscular legs are topped with razor claws that may kill with a single kick.

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