A List of the Nine Biggest Land Creatures

The world's largest bird can be 9 feet tall and 320 pounds, but most adults are smaller. Their muscular legs are topped with razor claws that may kill with a single kick.

Common Ostrich

The 10ft, 150lb lizard is the largest. It lives on two small Indonesian islands and hunts water buffalo. Komodo dragons murder their prey by severing blood arteries and inflicting enormous wounds.

 Komodo Dragons

The deadly cape buffalo lives in vast groups. Lions are the only predators known to hunt adult buffalo. Each year, cape buffalo kill 200 humans. Their size and horns allow them to kill most predators that threaten them.

African Buffalo

Bison bulls above 3,000 pounds were formerly common. Bison roamed North America's grasslands and woods. Overhunting virtually wiped out natural populations; Canada has the most.

American Bison

Indian bison are the largest wild bovines. Asiatic guars. Females are half the weight of bulls. Tigers rarely hunt them in the wild. Tigers and saltwater crocodiles occasionally kill adult gaurs.


Giraffe species and subspecies have comparable sizes. 18.7-footers weigh 2,628 pounds. They can reach trees other herbivores couldn't. Height and vision help them locate predators. Size and kicks make them difficult to hunt.


Hippos eat on land at night. Swimming cools and avoids sunburn. They eat grass overnight. A hippo overnight eats 150 pounds of grass. Hippos attack all threats. Herbivores having sharp, muscular tusks.


5,000 pounds is the largest rhino. The southern white rhino population is 20,000, whereas the northern has two. Peaceful white rhinos with impaired eyesight are vulnerable to poaching.

White Rhinoceros

The 13-foot-tall African Bush Elephant weights 10 tonnes. Other African elephants. They enjoy wide forests and savannahs in sub-Saharan Africa. The herbivores' trunks pull grass.

 African Bush Elephant

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