Sometimes some mistakes happen in a relationship, which are difficult to rectify, which often leads to distance in the relationship.

To make a relationship strong, it is necessary to take care of every small and big thing, otherwise it does not take time for the relationship to get ruined.

Bad memories / talk of ex

While in a relationship, you should never talk about your ex with your partner, because old things will hurt him, which will result in the current relationship.

Lying repeatedly

A relationship moves forward on trust, in such a situation, if one partner starts lying again and again, then the other partner loses faith and thinks of getting out of the relationship.

Due to lack of time

It is very important to give time to each other in a relationship, if due to busy life or any other reason one partner is not able to give time to the other partner, 

 then the distance starts coming between them and due to the continuous increase of the distance, the relationship comes on the verge of breaking.

Toxic nature

Lack of love in a relationship and one partner behaving very badly with the other all the time makes the relationship very weak.

Cheating partner

There is no place for deception in a relationship, expecting loyalty from a partner in deception destroys a relationship.

Ignore things

In a relationship, it is necessary to listen and react to your partner's words, on the contrary, if you ignore your partner's words and this happens again and again, then the relationship starts breaking.


Interrupting your partner on every small mistake and making negative comments for him even when he is not at fault is enough to make the relationship weak.

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