A Guide to the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Water Sign Traits

Water signs are social and intelligent, whereas water signs are pragmatic. Water signs are melancholic family-oriented artists and thinkers. 

They allow their sensitive, compassionate hearts dominate the show and delve deep into spirituality to create art.


Cancers are caring, compassionate, self-protective, and funny. Cancers will provide a shoulder and sweets. These traits reflect Cancer's Fourth Phase of Home Life.

The Fourth House symbolises our homes, nests, parenting, and childhood feelings and memories. Cancer is widespread. They're creative and ambitious, launching huge projects.


Water symbol 2 Scorpio is a fixed water sign known for being introverted and sexual whether they confess it or not. They draw attention easily.

Spiritual, perceptive, and intriguing, Scorpios encourage living your truth. Fearless and spiky, they need to warm up and trust you to reveal their hearts. After that, they're yours forever.


They're romantic and artistic. When they create art, they feel calm and inspired. They may be good at dance, musical, literature, or acting.

Longtime friend who doesn't judge tears. You've found a healer who intuitively knows your situation and whose warm, spiritual presence may be relaxing.

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