Eggs contain nearly every important vitamin (except Vitamin C), plus phosphorus, calcium, and potassium.


Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage are strong in fibre and vitamins and help with digestion.


High in fibre and healthful fat, the fruit reduces appetite. Since avocado is a fat source, portion size is key.


Apples are tree-grown fruit. Apples are the most extensively cultivated Malus species.


Salmon are ray-finned fish of the family Salmonidae. Trout, char, grayling, and whitefish are related. Native to North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean tributaries.


Chia seeds are the edible seeds of Salvia hispanica, a Mexican mint, or Salvia columbariae of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

Chia Seeds

Oat is a cereal grain produced for its seed, also called oat. Oats can be eaten as oatmeal and rolled oats, but they're also used as cattle feed.


Banana starch becomes sugar as it ripens. Unripe (green) bananas contain more starch and resistant starch than ripe (yellow) bananas. Bananas are low in protein, fat, and fibre.

Unripe Bananas

Fabaceae leaves, stems, and pods are considered legumes. Pulses are legume seeds. Beans, lentils, and peas are pulses.


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