9 US-Based Animals With Short, Simple Names

Elk are the largest land mammals in North, Central, and East Asia. It consumes plants and grass. Mountains, forests, and meadows. Mistaken for moose when wild.


Koi fish are used to decorate indoor and outdoor ponds. This ancient fish descended from carp. Their colorfulness makes them ornamental fish.


Ants are little insects found on every continent except Antarctica. Social wasps, they live in colonies. 12,000 ant species have been identified.


North Africa, northern Eurasia, and Antarctica are exceptions. Social pigs are smart. They're a staple in many countries, with 60 million on U.S. farms.


Domestic dogs are popular pets. People love them because they're loyal and knowledgeable. Dog breeds range from.2 to 200 pounds.


Common housecats. They eat meat and vegetables. Cats hunt rodents and birds with retractable claws. Domesticated feral cats fend for themselves.


Bees pollinate various plants. They eat pollen and nectar from flowers. Queens, drones, and workers dwell in bee colonies.


Solitary owls are nocturnal. They hunt with sharp talons. Some owls hunt insects, while others catch dogs. 19 owl species inhabit the US.


Bats can fly and move better than birds. Bats of all sizes benefit humans. Bay dung's guano can be utilised as fertiliser.


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