9 Types of Animals That Consume Bamboo

Giant panda

Famous bamboo-eaters are pandas. They're the only bears that consume primarily bamboo shoots and leaves. 1% is carrion, eggs, and small animals.


Bamboo, fruits, bark, insects, meat, leaves, and nuts are their diet. They eat 60% fruit, thus bamboo is unusual. This huge ape group numbers 20-150.

Bamboo lemurs 

Named after their 98% bamboo diet. Adults eat 18 ounces of bamboo daily.  This genus contains 5 Madagascar-only bamboo lemurs.

Bamboo borers

Borers may be a real problem for bamboo, as they will eat anything made of bamboo. They were carried by contaminated bamboo wood and products.


Colorful, raucous Bamboo Partridges live in bamboo jungles. These 4-8 ounce birds rarely fly. They eat bamboo shoots, leaves, seeds, berries, and insects.


Too much bamboo upsets rabbits' stomachs. Chew wood or bamboo to grind teeth. Carrots, cabbage, and fruit are their main foods.

Guinea pigs

Bamboo is abundant in fibre and guinea pigs can eat its leaves and shoots. Stem, root, and seed are avoided. They eat vegetables, hay, and fruits.


Parrots can safely consume bamboo shoots and leaves, but not regularly. You may witness them nibbling on non-edible branches.

Golden monkeys

The forehead, back, and upper flanks of golden monkeys are orange. Buds, flowers, fruit seeds, bamboo shoots, leaves, and branchlets make up their seasonal diet.

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