The tenor of their speech

To maintain stability in the relationship, it is important to pay attention to what and how the wife is saying, this is what a wife always wants.

Their Accomplishments at Work

Wives want their husbands to acknowledge and appreciate their wives' achievements.

Their Ambitions

Wives want him to support them when it comes to their career and help them fulfill all their dreams.

Their Complications

Women want their husbands to listen to them with compassion when they have problems and to make sure that what is going on in his wife's life.

What They Do for Their Family

Wives want their husbands to tell them how important he is to the family or how he is discharging his responsibilities.

How much housework do they do

Be sure to tell the wife how much work she does from morning till night, it is necessary to praise it regularly.

The Skills They Possess

Wives want their husbands to recognize their talents and nurture them with constant praise.

Their Sense of Humor

Women are every bit as funny as their male counterparts, and they want their husbands to pay special attention to their wife's sense of humor

Their Sexual Cues

Wives want their husbands to recognize their body language and try to be affectionate to them .

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