Dolphins, one of the sharpest marine mammals, have learnt to utilise tools. Dolphins use rocks primarily. Dolphins utilise rocks to open oysters and clams


These animals use tools to eat. They put sticks in termite mounds or ant hills to get delectable insect food. They break nuts and other hard foods with rocks.

Egyptian Vultures

Bulgarians use branch tools. Egyptian vultures eat ostrich eggs and wrap wool on twigs for nests. They use stones since their beaks aren't strong enough.


Elephants use tools in the wild. They damage little trees and sticks to scratch. Aggressive animals toss rocks at things they want to break.


Octopuses that possess a level of intellect These animals have been observed to break open jars in their enclosures in order to gain access to food and even swim away.


Cute creatures that eat clams must hammer rocks on the shells to open them. Many otters find the perfect pebble and carry it with them.


Orangutans also utilise tools. They scratch with sticks like elephants. They make shelters from wood and leaves. Some orangutans use big leaves as raincoats.


Dogs are able to use tools to aid their owners. A service dog's job is to help its owner with tasks that the human can't perform alone by using the tools available to them.


Smart and tool-using, crows can be found in the wild and in captivity alike. Crows will use sticks to get food that is out of reach.

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