9 species that call brackish water home

American alligators can reside in ponds, lakes, rivers, and marshes. They inhabit estuaries, mangrove swamps, and brackish tidal marshes. American alligators sometimes swim in saltwater.

American Alligators 

In brackish water exist saltwater, Nile, and American crocodiles. Large and common saltwater crocodiles. Australia-Asia species. Nile crocodiles inhabit brackish African waters. It lives in South America and Florida.


Bull sharks are unique because they can swim in brackish and fresh water. Bull sharks are the only species that can do this. These sharks can modify how their kidneys absorb salt and urine to thrive in both environments.

Bull Sharks

These little crustaceans are promoted as saltwater crabs despite though they can't live in freshwater alone. Fiddler crabs live in mud flats, lagoons, and swamps in the wild.

Fiddler Crabs

Channel and blue catfish live in brackish waters. Channel catfish can withstand all 3 water types, but prefer freshwater. Common in rivers and lakes. Blue catfish can survive brackish water, like channel catfish.


Puffers live in fresh, salt, and brackish water. Many pet stores sell these species. Pet stores sell Crested puffer, Congo puffer, South American puffer, golden puffer, and small puffer.

Puffer fish

Manatees, also called sea cows, are common in Florida, U.S. Migrating to Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama. They may swim from North Carolina to Massachusetts in the summer.


Sturgeon swim upstream to spawn. They live in freshwater and saltwater. They can live in brackish water. Atlantic sturgeon can grow to 16 feet long and 800 pounds.


This species also inhabits freshwater settings. The crab-eating frog is one of few amphibians that can endure saltwater. Southeastern Asia's crab-eating frog feeds on crabs in brackish waterways.