Some claim Southeast alligators eat humans. Alligators fear humans. Breeding season is the most perilous, as males are more territorial and females guard their nests and young.

American Alligator

Male gargantuan turtles can weigh over 200 pounds. Alligator snappers are ambush predators that wait for prey to swim through their mouth before grabbing it.

Behemoth turtles 

The cottonmouth, often called a water moccasin, tops this list. Most cottonmouth bites are caused by stepping on or rough handling. They give live birth every 2-3 years.


Brown and banded water snakes live in wetlands and small streams. They eat fish, invertebrates, lizards, and amphibians when available.

Water Snake

Over 80 kinds of mosquitoes feed on mammals in the Everglades. When visiting marshes, bring insect spray because these animals will find you and feast.


River otters live in beaver dens along riverbanks. They live in groups and consume anything they catch. These lovely critters are the torment of fish farmers' existence due to their insatiable appetite.

River otters

Mud hens are crane-related ducks. If there's no surface food, they dive for vegetation. Small birds are weak fliers and must take off running.

American Coot

Water-loving rabbits. Strong swimmers, only their faces are visible. Aquatic and terrestrial vegetation. These rabbits aren't cottontails.

Marsh Rabbits 

Pygmy sunfish are prevalent among Florida's floating plant roots and water grasses. Due to their small size, they're popular as aquarium nano fish.

Pygmy sunfish

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