9 Species of Flora-Eating Animals


When not tunnelling, these little fuzzy creatures feast on flowers. Some are more palatable. A rabbit will live where its favourite flower is plentiful.


These 1500-pound creatures may require more than flowers. Certainly. Leaves, twigs, and buds are moose favourites. That doesn't mean they don't eat flowers.


Deer may exist in many settings. Deer are found in forests, thickets, prairies, and even cities. They'll look for flowers wherever they reside. They like: daffodils


Caterpillars are butterfly/moth larvae. Voracious eaters who moult multiple times before transforming. Plant-based,


Bees gather nutrition from flowers and pollinate them for humans. Paying them back. Bee larvae are fed floral nutrients carried back to the hive.


The wings of a butterfly are enormous and exquisitely designed. If you spot one, there are probably blooms not far away.


Northern cardinals, house and purple finches, mockingbirds, blue jays, evening grosbeaks, and American goldfinches eat flowers. Quail eat flowers.


Burrowing insects like these are unable to predict the weather, but they do enjoy munching on marigo and daylilies.


Squirrels love flowers as well as nuts, berries, and cable lines. These blooms attract puffy-tailed rats. tulips/hibiscus

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