9 Species of Domesticated Parrots

Rainbow lorikeets, medium-sized parrots. Green heads, wings, backs, and tails. Chests are yellow-orange. Green thighs and rump, blue bellies.

Rainbow Lorikeet

The Dusky Lory is a 25-cm-long short-tailed parrot. Brownish with a white rump and back. Red eyes, grey legs. Males and females look alike.

Dusky Lory

Curved beaks and crests differentiate cockatoos. Less colourful than other parrots. They're white, black, or grey and larger than most parrots.


Macaws have little facial patches. Feather patterns are like fingerprints. Some wild Macaws are extinct. Native to the Americas.


Cocktails are grey with white wing edges. Female Cocktails have grey faces, while males are white or yellow. Its crest shows its emotions. A parrot's crest grows vertical when scared.


Senegalese beaks and skulls are large. Wide tail feathers. Charcoal-grey beak, head, and yellow eyes. Greenback, neck, yellow underparts, and rump.


Eclectus parrots are 35 cm long and stocky. Males are green with a golden head. Despite farmers hunting Electuses as pests, many remain.


Conures have long tails and short beaks. Grey or black horn-colored beaks. Conure species flock in 20s. They eat grain, making them agricultural pests.


Forty years. They weigh 150–160 g and have a square tail. Caiques are fantastic pets, but they have flaws. They are stubborn and noisy. So cute, it's hard to criticise them.


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