9 species of birds that feed on fish


Ospreys have a 6' wingspan. Their back, wings, and tail are brown, while their underside is white with brown stripes. Fish make up 98% of their diet, which they obtain by plunging headfirst into the water.

Bald Eagle

One of a group of eagles that prefers coastal and inland waters to hunt fish. These birds have yellow beaks and feet and white heads.

Common murre

They hunt capelin and anchovies in short dives. Murres have brown-to-black backs and heads, white underbellies, and long, narrow bills.

Great Cormorant

It dwells in North America, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Twelve-pound black bird. Their tall, narrow beak is hooked. They hunt and relax between dives.

Wandering albatross

Land just to breed and eat. They rarely land on the ocean floor. They eat so much at once that they become too heavy to fly, so they float until they've digested and passed enough food to fly.

Northern gannet

The North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean are home to the Northern Gannet. Long conical bill, yellow head, long slender wings. Their slim shape speeds dives.


Only Antarctica lacks kingfishers. In Europe, Asia, and North Africa, the common kingfisher perches on branches overhanging slow-moving streams and lakes. When they spot small fish, they dive.

Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins weigh up to 99 pounds and are the largest penguins. The only penguin species that breed in winter, they walk 75 kilometres inland over the ice shelf to form large breeding colonies.

Brown pelican

This species thrives in temperate and tropical locations on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North and South America. In most of its habitat, it's one of the largest seabirds, although it's the smallest pelican.

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