9 Species of Animals Known to Chew Cud


Most commonly, cows chew the cud. They're bred for milk or beef. Farmers organise cows by need, therefore they don't have a natural herd structure. Cows just eat grass.


Sheep are another cud-chewing domestic animal. Farmers breed them for wool or meat. Farmers keep rams and ewes apart until breeding season.


Only certain types of goats are able to digest the leaves of thorn trees. Simply chewing and regurgitating food does not release any nutrients.


The buffalo is Africa's most hazardous animal, along with lions and leopards. They attack unexpectedly. Big animals with long, robust horns can move fast when alarmed.


Bison are North America's largest animal. Strong, shaggy animals that survived the Ice Age. Bison can run 40 mph.


Horses chew cud rhythmically like ruminants. Stomach pouches contain food for cud-chewing animals. Later, it regurgitates and chews.


Chamois are mountain goats that live in meadows and rocks. They're brown to black with a light rump. Chamois herd with a dominant male. Chamois leather is popular since it's supple and thin.


Elk, commonly called red deer, can be dark brown to light tan. Larger than most deer. Elks eat grass and leaves and enjoy forests. Farmers consider elk pests because they consume crops.


the world's largest antelope They can jump over two metres despite their size. They're sandy brown with a neck flap. Dewlaps help maintain their temperatures.

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