9 Species Known to Feast on Ants

Jumping spiders 

Jumping spiders aren't frightening. Cute, say some. Ants objected. Jumping spiders consume ants. They're small, have good vision, and can leap.

Horned lizards

Horned lizards are native to Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. Spiny reptiles eat largely ants. Species eat 70% ants and 30% termites.

House Gecko

In warm areas, these geckos are common and beneficial. These voracious carnivores love ants. This kind of gecko eats ants the most.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are a common predator of other ants. In the southern U.S., invasive, non-native fire ants are exterminating native ant populations that have little or no defence.

Giant Anteater

Giant Anteater is recognisable. This isn't the only famous anteater. Despite their name, their strong claws may tear termite mounds.


Wrens are North American birds. Ants are common prey for all insectivores. Wrens live across much of North and South America, in practically every environment.


Pangolins look like anteater-armadillos. They feature armoured scales, lengthy tails, and narrow, long-tongued snouts. Each person prefers one or two species.


Orangutans eat termites and ants. The primates have been seen using a stick to remove ants or termites from their nest.


This genus includes North-to-South American woodpeckers. Flickers are ground-hunting woodpeckers. They devour ground-up ants and beetles.

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