9 Species Found In The Boreal Forest

Wolverines inhabit Boreal woods in North America, Siberia, and Scandinavia. Deer and moose hunting. Wolverines threaten wolves, bears, and humans. 1m-long monsters


Moose are the biggest deer in the Boreal. The greatest herbivores in these woodlands. They eat high-growing plants, shrubs, and trees. They dive to feed aquatic plants during warm months.


Caribou are reindeer-like deer. They live in North America, Europe, and Siberia's Boreal woods. The size of their herds varies tremendously.


Wolves exist in Boreal forests and other climes. They can hunt alone. The animals are killed in packs. Wolves near waterways fish. Carnivorous grey wolves devour flowers and tree fruit.


The American black bear is the smallest species of bear native to North America. They spend the summer eating berries and fish and spend the winter sleeping.

American Black Bear

Arctic and Boreal foxes are nocturnal. nocturnal rodent hunters. Red foxes are flexible predators that may alter their diet to local prey. 

Red Fox

Beavers live in Canada, the U.S., and Alaska's Boreal forests. They avoid arid areas, preferring marshes, ponds, and streams. Beavers devour bark, roots, buds, and water plants.


Wood bison, also called wood Buffalo, live in Boreal woodlands. Overhunting once made them endangered in the West. Bison are North America's largest land mammal.

Wood Bison

Deer live in the taiga of North, South, and Canada and are the smallest of their species. This grazer eats grass and leaves for food.


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