impressive Siamese have long intrigued people. It's gregarious and lanky. Siamese cats are healthy despite dental and respiratory issues. 12-23


The gregarious, adventurous Burmese is a Burmese-Siamese mix. Burmese have cranial abnormalities and glaucoma. The average Burmese lifetime is 16-18 years.


Savannah cats are part African serval and quarter domestic cat. Friendly Savannah cats are wild. Unpredictable, bold, and lively. 12-20 years is the hybrid's lifetime.

Savannah Cat

The Egyptian mau's coat is speckled. These cats are often friendly and expect to be treated as family members. The breed's average longevity is 12 to 15 years, despite heart disease.

Egyptian Mau

The sweet ragdoll loves humans and follows them around. It goes limp when held, hence the term ragdoll. Some cats have bladder stones and heart trouble. Its lifespan is at least 15 years.


Russian blues are quiet, reserved, and affectionate but not clingy. This cat likes sunny spots and high places to view its territory. The breed has a 15- to 20-year lifespan

Russian Blue

The Bombay is a little panther-lookalike. They're warmhearted. They play and cuddle. This breed has a short muzzle, heart disease, and excessive tearing. Average lifespan: 12-16 years.


Family-friendly American shorthairs are popular. These cats are low-maintenance. Play is also important. Prevalent heart disease. 15-20 years is typical.

American Shorthair

Sphynxes are fussy. Hairless cats must wear something in winter. Frequent bathing removes grease. Common ailments include heart, brain, and skin. 10-to-15 years.


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