9 of the Best Allergy-Friendly Dog Breeds

This Chinese dog breed is attentive and in tune with its human family. Hairless and powderpuff versions exist.

Chinese crested

This petite breed's short, glossy, low-shedding coat requires a weekly once-over with a soft-bristle brush or rubber grooming glove.


Bedlington terriers have lamb-like fur. Its coat doesn't shed but grows swiftly, requiring regular cutting. These dogs are kind, affectionate, lively, and love being the focus of attention

Bedlington terrier

Bichons have luxurious, non-shedding fur. Hypoallergenic dogs aren't generally low-maintenance groomers.

Bichon frise

Affenpinschers are loyal and entertaining. Small and active, they're good apartment dogs. The affenpinscher's wiry, medium-length coat is hypoallergenic.


Multicolored Havanese jackets. Some owners puli this dog's coat. Shortening saves time. Low-shedding. Smart, social, flexible, extrovert Havanese.


Poodles are hypoallergenic. You've probably heard this explains poodle mixes' popularity. Poodles' non-shedding coats are ideal for allergy patients.


Miniature, regular, and gigantic Schnauzers are hypoallergenic. Top is wiry, bottom is soft and dense. Brushing daily prevents matting.


This little breed is loyal and fun with kids. They were bred to lounge in royal palaces, so they make ideal apartment or garden pets.

Shih tzu

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