9 Mysterious Cat Habits

Finicky cats. Covering their food dishes shows cats' preferences. Wild cats also hide their food after eating. Your kitten or cat's bowl can be covered with shredded paper.

Covering Food

Cats are carnivores, yet they also enjoy munching on grass, foliage, and leaves. In the wild, they ate their prey's digestive contents. Cats love anything with leaf, yet many flowers are deadly.

Eating Green

Cat eye communication is also called a cat kiss. Beautiful cat-eye blinks. This non-threat signal is used by cats and humans. Slowly closing and opening your eyes also works. 


Front-treading (kneading) is more reflective than rear-treading (cranking) Front paw kneading helps cats produce milk. Happy adult cats show it.


When a cat rolls over, it's usually because it feels secure and wants some attention. Pet cat can use its scent to stake its claim on your territory, too.

Rolling Over

Bunting is cats head-butting. A cat bunts by rubbing its head on things. Allorubbing is when cats rub on humans, other cats, or dogs. So they can claim you.

Butting Heads

Unblinking cats are prevalent. Wide-open stares can be just as friendly as winking stares. If your cat is sitting on your chest and starring at you in the morning, it's likely asking for food or fun.


Cats fart with such style that it always gets a chuckle from onlookers. Constant flatulence can be very irritating. Its diet, or any changes to it, triggers an allergic reaction.


Cats hate tap water. Still water looks harmful to cats. Cats adore the bath or kitchen faucet because running water is fresher. If your cat likes to drink from the faucet, try a fountain or bowl.

Drinking From Faucets

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