9 Most Successfully Adapted Animals

White polar bears conceal on snow and ice to avoid prey. Polar bears' bulk and hair help them survive cold weather and water. Polar bears are strong swimmers

 Polar Bears

Beavers are aquatic rodents. Large front teeth never stop growing, therefore they must always chew wood. They can cut down and haul a tree into the river in 15 to 20 minutes.


Sky predators include eagles. Sharp beaks and talons assist them hunt. Eagles are the largest raptors and can hunt larger animals. Golden eagles kill deer.


Wolves have thick hair for warmth, strong jaws for hunting, good night vision, and excellent smell. Wolves have evolved into effective hunters and survivors.


Elephants are highly adaptable. Thickening hides protect elephants from predators and heat. Elephants use tusks for defence, digging, and competition.


Woodpeckers are unusual among birds. Strong beaks allow them to bore into trees for food and nesting. A bird that bangs its head all day needs a good grip.


Owls are a rare bird with various survival adaptations. Owls have incredible hearing. The barn owl may have the best hearing on the planet.


Skunks are easily recognisable due to their distinctive stripes and spray. This spray is effective in warding off potential predators and other dangers.


They're the final holdouts, and they'll be around long after humanity dies out. Their scales and thick skin allow them to blend in with the riverbed, protecting them from predators.


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