9 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

This sporty, agile cat is affectionate. Abyssinians are smart and tuned towards family life. This breed likes perching high and watching everything.


Balinese cats are longhaired Siamese. They're lively cats who love to watch their owners. They're opinionated and talkative. Puzzles, teaser toys, and a cat tree will keep this cat busy.


The Bengal's coat resembles a jaguar or leopard's. This breed is a domestic-Asian leopard cross. Bengals are smart, athletic, and crazy. They play, run, jump, and climb.


these cats are dog-like in their play even in old age. Many like fetch and piano tricks. Long toes let this cat open doors and cabinets, so consider child safety locks.

Cornish Rex

Havana browns have silky, chocolate-colored coats. This unique breed was created by mixing Siamese with other kinds. Intelligent, chatty cats who appreciate family socialising.

Havana Brown

They're smart and aware. Korats enjoy participatory games and naps. This breed can learn fetch and leash walking. Praise and rewards can educate this cat the home rules.


Savannahs are scarce and intelligent. This big hybrid was created by combining wild African servals with domestic cats. They need room to run and jump. They're easily bored.


The Siamese is recognised for its lovely coat, curious demeanour, and conversational nature. Intelligent, affectionate, and active. They crave attention and play.


Small cats are sociable, playful, and curious. And they love to help their people. They're lively and love to climb, so give them lots of room.


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