9 Lowest-Barking Dogs 


Non-barking basenji. When vocalising, the breed yodels. These dogs are neither loud nor quiet. Excited dogs may yodel, squeal, or whine.


Akitas make good security dogs and only bark when threatened. They create strong ties with a few people. They're aloof with strangers otherwise.

Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds are independent but affectionate with their humans. Family-focused. Afghans' silky coats demand maintenance and are resistant. 


Collies are quiet until they have something to say. This docile breed is a great housepet. Coat upkeep requires weekly brushing. High exercise needs, yet simple training.


Calm greyhounds. Most greyhounds are lazy but need modest exercise. Some develop close families and dislike being alone. Change your behaviour.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are silent unless they sense danger. They're loyal, loving, and ready to please. This breed is easily distracted and must be controlled due to its size.


Greyhound-like Whippets are silent. The breed needs moderate to high-intensity exercise. Whippets might be resistant or distracted during training.


Shar-peis rarely bark. It's a great calm breed. Strong, loyal, and affectionate, the shar-pei. Chinese shar-peis are zen-like canines that rarely bark until alarmed.

Great Dane

Great Danes are gentle giants known for defending their families. They're quiet. They bark to alert, protect, greet, or, if ignored or left alone too long, out of boredom.

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