9 Low-Upkeep Dogs for Busy People

The dachshund is an affable and endearing dog breed. Dachshunds are stubborn and need basic training. This breed needs moderate activity. 


Despite popular belief, this racing dog isn't high-energy. They exercise by walking and running. Healthy greyhounds. Greyhounds are trainable.


Standard, miniature, and toy poodles exist. They're intelligent, active, and adaptable to humans. Low-maintenance versatility. They're active canines who match their owners' vigour.


Chihuahuas make good lapdogs. These energetic dogs don't need much exercise. Healthy. Long-haired Chihuahuas need grooming to prevent tangling.


The happy Frenchie is excellent for lounging. French bulldogs are happy dogs. They're energetic yet lack endurance. Moderate daily activity is usually good for this breed.

French Bulldog

The bullmastiff is energetic but lacks endurance. This breed should be happy and healthy with daily walks. It has equivalent or better health than a mastiff and a longer longevity.


Mastiffs are large, low-energy canines with little endurance. Young mastiffs are placid and goofy. As they age, they become lazier and more distant yet remain affectionate.


They're good pets. Most are healthy, active, and trainable. It needs maintenance but not clipping. Hand-stripping and brushing maintain this dog's coat healthy.

West Highland White Terrier

Brussels griffons are cute and goofy. They're active but low-maintenance. Basic instruction calms and structures them. The Brussels is low-maintenance.

Brussels Griffon

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