Maine Coon

The Maine coon is a large, docile cat breed. Their superb beauty and shiny coat make them a popular breed worldwide. Maine coons are tabby but can be black and white.

Cornish Rex

A black and white Cornish Rex's tight, curling fur, huge ears, and slender body are stunning. They're called the cat greyhound. This energetic breed enjoys company.

Manx Cat

They're friendly, even-tempered, and enthusiastic. Smart and trainable, Manx cats are smart. Sometimes this breed has a short stump. They have black and white coats.


This breed's name comes from its genetically shortened legs. Munchkins can be black and white. These small cats are friendly, outgoing, and entertaining.

Oriental Shorthair

Orientals are not Siamese. Black-and-white cats have green eyes, unlike Siamese. Oriental shorthairs are interested, talkative, and even-tempered.


Pure white Persians are the most photographed and wanted variation, but their laid-back, low-energy, and snuggling demeanour also add to their popularity.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish fold has impish-looking folded ears. They're not impish. Laid-back and amiable, Scottish folds get along well with other pets and kids.

Siberian Cat

Siberian cats have a semi-long, triple coat. They need fur to survive in Russia's subarctic forests. The friendly, lively breed is rising in favour in the U.S.

Turkish Angora

Once, only white Turkish Angoras were considered exquisite. Most are still this hue, although they also come in black and white.

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