9 indications that indicate marital unhappiness

If your partner doesn't care about you being sad or in trouble and he starts ignoring you again and again.

To feel ignored

You do not share anything with each other, keeping your happiness to yourself, avoid sharing it with your partner.

No sharing

It is very important to have physical and emotional intimacy in a married relationship and if there is no intimacy in your relationship,

Lack of intimacy

it clearly indicates that you are unhappy with your relationship.

Despite being with your partner, you are not able to talk to him openly and you feel lonely with him.

Feeling lonely

Despite being in a married relationship, you feel boring and there is no place for fun or enjoyment between you.

No fun or enjoyment at all

Married bond is the most loving bond and after going into it, the thought of being separated from your partner is coming to your mind again and again.

Separation anxiety

There was a time when your actions were endearing to them, but now your partner becomes jealous of any of your actions.

Irritation develops

Whenever both of you talk about something face to face, then very soon your talk starts turning into an increasing debate.

Debate ensues

You have started keeping many secrets from each other, trying to avoid each other everything has started to be hidden.

Things are being hidden

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