9 Highly Fragrant Roses


Sunsprite is a top yellow rose. This rose's rich yellow colour is permanent. Sunsprite roses have a rich, sweet smell. It's great for a cutting garden.

Memorial Day

Pink hybrid tea rose. Experts think one flower can scent a room. Everyone loves memorial day's old rose smell. Grows easily. Large, double pink flowers with 50 petals.


Secret rose perfumes your home. The flowers smell wonderful. Creamy petals edged by bluish pink make the flowers attractive. Springtime surprise flower planting.

Mister Lincoln

Sweet and traditional, this hybrid tea rose fragrance. Mister Lincoln is a good cutting or exhibition plant. 10 feet distant, its velvety, deep red flowers are fragrant.

 Louise Odier

Louise Odier is a gorgeous bourbon rose. It's a great garden cutting flower. Its clustered, sweet-smelling flowers are fragrant.

 Royal Highness

Royal Highness is an exhibition-quality rose. It has big pink flowers. No other hybrid tea roses are as pink. Royal Highness plant prefers sun.


Heritage rose is a popular English rose. Cup-shaped rose. This rose's near-perfect shape makes it unusual. Heritage rose is colourful and fragrant.

Honey Perfume

This rose has big apricot-yellow blooms. Honey perfume is stunning and has a rich, spicy scent. Spring to fall. Honey perfume has dark green leaves

Double Delight

Large creamy blooms are red-edged. Double joy rose has a spicy scent. It's fantastic for cutting gardens and exhibitions. Summer and fall blooming,

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