This leafy green is nutrient-dense. Spinach's antioxidants may lower disease risk.


Carrots provide 119% of the DV in 1 cup. Beta carotene gives them their orange colour and may prevent cancer.


Broccoli contains sulforaphane and glucosinolate. Animal and test-tube research have examined sulforaphane's cancer-fighting potential.


Since ancient times, garlic has been utilised medicinally. Allicin, its key ingredient, helps blood sugar and heart health.


Brussels sprouts are cruciferous and contain the same plant components as broccoli. Brussels sprouts contain kaempferol, which may reduce cell damage.

Brussels sprouts

In a tiny research, eating kale with a high-carb dinner prevented blood sugar increases better than eating the meal alone.


Peas are a starchy vegetable, thus they have more carbs and calories than non-starchy veggies and may alter blood sugar levels.

Green peas

Sweet potatoes are bright, sweet, and healthy.

Sweet potatoes

Cauliflower is versatile and nutritious. 1 cup (155 grammes) cooked has 3 grammes of fibre, 3 grammes of protein, folate, and vitamins C and K.


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