9 Garden-Eating Animals

Deer are the animal kingdom's most renowned plant-eaters, and they can destroy gardens and landscaping. These lovely creatures devour leafy greens, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.


Rabbits enjoy carrots. They also eat lettuce, cabbage, and kale.Rabbits eat grasses and herbs. Rabbits can't vomit, therefore they must watch what they eat.


Squirrels visit gardens. Nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, and succulents. Sharp teeth let squirrels eat through skin or shells. Jumping and climbing require back legs. This helps them steal birdfeeders.


Big North American groundhogs. Burrowing squirrels are related. Grasshoppers eat herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Groundhogs' incisors cut tough vegetation. When hungry or threatened, they're bold.


Chipmunks have food-storing cheek pouches. These playful critters consume nuts, berries, and veggies in gardens. Chipmunks prefer tomatoes above other garden veggies.


Gophers are little North American digging rodents. Long, pointed claws dig underground tunnels. Gophers consume roots, tubers, and bulbs. They also eat fruits, vegetables, and grasses.


House sparrows are brown, European and Asian birds. In North America, they're a regular sight in urban places. Sparrows eat seeds and bugs. They'll eat anything, including trash.

House sparrows

Small, rodent-like voles can damage gardens and crops. Voles are related to hamsters and lemmings, not mice. Brown or grey fuzzy critters with small legs and bodies.


Raccoons are medium-sized North American animals. Black masks distinguish these monsters. Raccoons eat plants and animals. Fruits, nuts, and small animals are their natural diet.


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