Also, olives are a fruit, even if you never considered them to be one. Anti-inflammatory properties are just one of the many benefits they have to offer.


Coconut is a great source of fibre, which is good for your digestive system. The oil's MCT (medium chain triglycerides) content has also been researched as a possible Alzheimer's prevention tool.


A quarter cup of blackberries has roughly 2g of fibre. They're loaded in vitamin C. Oranges, please. Half of the daily recommended intake is in one cup.


1/4 cup raspberries has 1.5 net carbohydrates. Raspberries' fibre and antioxidant content decrease inflammation and minimise the incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes.


One study found that consuming a garlic and lemon combo for eight weeks lowered blood lipid levels.


Five servings of anthocyanin-rich fruits, like pears, cut the incidence of type 2 diabetes by 23%.


Pomegranates contain phytonutrients that prevent cellular damage, explains Majumdar. Half a cup of arils (seeds) includes 16g carbs and 3g fibre.


It has been shown that cranberries may provide health benefits for the urinary tract system, which is why they are so high in vitamin C.


A small kiwi has 8-9 grammes of net carbohydrates, explains Hultin. Kiwis are high in potassium, vitamin C, and fibre, so they complement a keto diet.

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