Corgis are social, family-oriented canines. They were bred to be at attention as herding, guard, and companion dogs, so they're always focused on their owners.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Labrador retrievers have warm eyes and cheery smiles. Labs were bred as fishing and hunting buddies. They're kind and carefree.

Labrador Retriever

Golden retrievers are kind to people and animals. Confidence helps. Goldens' sunny disposition helps them traverse the world.

Golden Retriever

Boston terriers are playful and affectionate. They love making friends and playing. They're versatile and comfortable in numerous settings.

Boston Terrier

Friendly Irish setters with carefree, bouncy attitudes are popular. They're a very active breed, and if they're bored, they may bark or chew excessively.

Irish Setter

Beagles are happy dogs who love people. They're lively and adore playing fetch and taking for walks. They're usually up for fun and love to cuddle at night.


 They're in tune with their humans, which assists them in dog sports like agility and flying disc. Minimize a border collie's desire to herd, or they may nip humans.

Border Collie

Boxers are attention-seekers. The more positive attention you offer these devoted canines, the more they'll give back. Boxers make great family pets because of this.


Pugs are small but mighty. They like strangers and dogs. They're friendly. They were raised as companions for China's elite ruling class, and they remain devoted companions.


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