9 foods to energise your day

Alpha-linolenic acid in walnuts boosts energy. Despite being high in calories, nuts don't cause weight gain or other health problems.


Water carries fuel, nutrients, and waste to cells. Drinking it reduces fat, sugar, salt, cholesterol, and calories. This makes place for energising nutrients.


Dark chocolate improves mood and cognition. Cocoa's antioxidants protect cells, lower blood pressure, and boost circulation. Energizing and healthy.

Dark Chocolate

They're ideal if you want something sweet without a calorie bomb and "sugar crash" Berries' antioxidants and other nutrients nourish and protect body cells.


Tea can replace energy-boosting sodas and soft beverages. This modification helps you acquire enough water and nutrients to be alert and energised.


They're a wonderful protein source for vegetarians and vegans. Beans' fibre slows digestion. Magnesium-rich. This boosts cell energy.


They provide low-fat protein and zinc. This helps your body fight against tired-making germs.


Without B12, energy can lag. It's a good source. Its protein keeps you fuelled for hours.

Beef Liver

Complex carbs. It's fiber- and nutrient-rich. Oatmeal is gluten-free, slow to digest, and whole grain. A bowl in the morning is energy-boosting.


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