9 Dogs Any New Owner Will Love

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frises are bright and attractive lapdogs known for their loving and playful personalities. They're easy to train and fantastic with youngsters, making them ideal for novices.

Golden Retrievers

The golden retriever is one of America's most cherished dogs, and for good reason. This loving dog is very loyal. Golden retrievers are docile and easy to train, which is why many service dogs are golden retrievers.


Affectionate and good with kids. This little toy breed is surprisingly athletic and enjoys fun. They don't like other animals, which is a downside. Without an undercoat, they're easy to groom.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are also popular in America. They are known for their amiable behaviour and well-behaved nature. These active dogs relate easily with families and other animals.

 German Shepherd

German shepherds are great first-time dogs for numerous reasons. They are smart, easy to teach, gentle with their owners, and loyal, making them superb watchdogs. They're also easy to groom.

Standard Poodle

Smart and athletic, the poodle. Due to their positive features, poodles are used to create designer dogs. Daily brushing and professional maintenance every two months avoid matting.


The adaptable pug gets along with kids, seniors, and other animals. Pugs love their owners, making training easy. Weekly brushing controls slight shedding.


This breed does well in apartments and yards. Also, they hardly bark. Their short coat requires weekly brushing and sometimes bathing. Whippets are brilliant but mischievous, making training difficult.

Great Dane

Great Danes are gentle giants despite their size. This gentle, calm, ultra-friendly pooch bonds quickly with its family and remains loyal they're fantastic with kids.

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